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Home to the music of Esbjörn Svensson.

When the solo piano recordings were found at our home it felt like “getting a message smuggled over the border”. A message of love, space, eternity and infinite creation.  The nine tracks of new music, never heard before, were of high sound quality and in a beautiful composition, mixed and ready to be released.

Esbjörn recorded the music in his home studio during spring 2008. The nine tracks hold a feeling of wanting to explore something new, letting the music flow and the piano to be the only voice and the whole orchestra.

The order of the music is the same and since there were no titles the tracks are named after the Greek alphabet which Esbjörn, the star gazer, knew by heart after studying astronomy in his youth.

HOME.S. is where your heart is and Esbjörns heart belonged to music. Music was the reason for working hard, with great passion to find “a place where time and space seem to disappear”, as Esbjörn said in the radio show Sommar i P1, 2003.

The album HOME.S. is released by ACT Music on 18 November 2022.

Photo by Katarina Grip Höök
Photo by Katarina Grip Höök